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Welcome to MCIT Business Solutions, your trusted partner for all-inclusive managed services. We specialize in bridging the technology gap between providers and clients, offering strategic guidance and customized I.T. solutions that drive business growth and success.

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Why Choose MCIT Business Solutions for All-Inclusive Managed Services?

Network Support, Data Cable Installation, Phone System Setup, Website Design, Internet Marketing/SEO, and Fully Managed I.T. Management
    1. Expert Consultants: Our team brings in-depth knowledge and industry expertise to tackle your specific I.T. challenges. We stay current with emerging technologies to offer informed recommendations.

    2. Comprehensive Assessment: We evaluate your existing technology infrastructure, including hardware, software, and networks. This forms the basis for our tailored I.T. solutions that meet your unique needs.

    3. Strategic Roadmap: We work closely with you to develop a strategic roadmap aligned with your business goals. Our actionable steps optimize your technology infrastructure and enhance productivity.

    4. Vendor Evaluation and Selection: We assist in choosing the right vendors and technology solutions, leveraging our industry connections to ensure you make informed decisions and achieve the best ROI.

    5. Data Security and Compliance: Our priority is to protect your data and ensure compliance with relevant regulations. We assess existing security measures, identify vulnerabilities, and recommend robust solutions.

    6. Scalable Solutions: As your business evolves, so do our all-inclusive managed services. We offer scalable and adaptable solutions to meet your changing needs.

Our Departments

MCIT offers business solutions to those who need them. We will consult, advise and act when you need us.

networking support
Network Support Services

As a provider of Fully Managed Support Services, MCIT Business Solutions offers reliable and dedicated Network Setup services. This always starts with a network signal from your provider. No matter how it is delivered, MCIT can designate an efficient, safe and usable network design, installation and configuration.

network cable
Network Cable Installation

As independent structured wire and cable service providers, we work only with the best quality materials, providing a solution that is cost-effective, compliant and ticking all the boxes when it comes to satisfying the requirements of each client.

phone systems
Phone Systems

Whatever type of business communication needs or phone setups you require assistance with, we are here to help. As specialist phone providers, we deal with all types of phone setups for small businesses.

web design services
Website Design Services

At MCIT HOUSTON we provide the whole package, from cost effective web hosting and business web hosting through to native mobile application development, software development and a full hosting consultancy.

online marketing
SEO / Online Marketing

MCIT HOUSTON have gained a reputation for being a leading SEO consulting service provider, working with business of all sizes to increase their ROI in a proactive way. If you are struggling to boost the ranking of your website when it comes to online search results, we are the team to talk to.

How do you set an appointment with MCIT to consult with us?

Our business is built around providing you what you need, when you need it and in a cost-effective manner. You may call 346-352-1612 press 1 for sales or email us at We are available by phone during business hours from 8-5 Monday thru Friday or you can email us any time to request a quote.